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Cheongpung Red Insam Liqid

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Types of saponins contained in ginseng

Saponin is also known as Ginsenoside, the main effective component with medical effects. With recent developments in the analytical technology, the chemical structure of 10 types of ginseng saponins have been identified. Various types of saponins are contained depending on the type of ginseng as follows.

Red ginseng is made by steaming and processing fresh ginseng without peeling. It has been made out mainly from 6-year-old roots but 4 to 5 year-old roots are being used since the abolition of the Government Monopoly in Red Ginseng Act. Red ginseng
is steamed and sun dried for approximately two weeks. The know-how for making red ginseng depends on the temperature, time and pressure.

Product name: Cheongpung Red Insam Liqid

Product type: Red ginseng drink

Ingredients and composition: (Soluble red ginseng ingredients 100% contained in 100㎖) Red ginseng root hair (Korean) 60% Root nodule(Korean) 40%

Manufacturing process:
1) Selected red ginseng is processed with proper amount of clean water in the extractor, heated up to 85℃ and extracted twice over 18 hours.
2) Extracted liquid is filtered.
3) The filtered liquid is sterilized at 90℃ and gas packed in sterilized bags.

Characteristics: The resulting liquid should have unique color and aroma without any unusual taste or scent.

Directions: One pack twice a day

Contents: 80g x 60 bags