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Cheongpung Red Insam Slices (black)

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Types of saponins contained in ginseng

Saponin is also known as Ginsenoside, the main effective component with medical effects. With recent developments in the analytical technology, the chemical structure of 10 types of ginseng saponins have been identified. Various types of saponins are contained depending on the type of ginseng as follows.

Product name : Cheongpung Red Insam Slices (black)

Product type : Red ginseng product (honeyed ginseng)

Ingredients and composition : Fresh ginseng (Korean) 100% (4 years and older)

Glucose 10%Honeyed liquid composition : Honey 30%,Oligosaccharide30%,Fructose 30%

Manufacturing order
1) Select - Cleanse – Slice - Steam - Dry - (Red ginseng) – 1st sweet marinate – 2nd sweet marinate – Dry - Fill - Sterilize - Pack
  • Manufacturing process
    1) Ginseng roots are selected, cleansed and sliced in uniform sizes.
    2) Sliced fresh ginseng is steamed for about 3 hours at 97℃
    3) Steamed ginseng is dried and made into red ginseng slices.
    4) Dried red ginseng slices are marinated for 24 hours in
    5) It is marinated for the second time. honeyed liquid.
    6) Honeyed ginseng is dried at about 50℃ to the appropriate state
    7) Dried ginseng slices are filled, sterilized and packed.
  • Characteristics : The resulting product should have unique color and aroma without any unusual taste or scent.
    Directions : Chewable to your taste. Package contents: 20g
    Expiration date and basis: Expiration date: 18 month from the manufacturing date
    Basis: According to storing and expiration criteria of ginseng drinks of the Food Code