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Card-Type Blood Sugar Tester

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Insulin-dependent diabetics that have to measure the blood sugar level 3-6 times a day can sample blood that is little and appropriate for measuring the blood sugar level easily and conveniently and can measure the blood sugar level in a short time. We have developed, manufactured and supplied the slim and small-ized blood sugar tester for accurate and fast blood sugar level measurement, which is portable conveniently and can be used at any place. So, we have provided convenience for the diabetic management that is gradually acknowledged socially as a serious disease.

Measurement of blood sugar level

1) Blood-sampling by using a blood collecting device.
2) Confirmation of the strip code selection. correspondence to the number of a strip storage case.
3) Absorption of more than 0.5㎕ of blood.
4) Display the value on a LCD and store in a memory after measuring the blood sugar level for 5 seconds.