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Laser Blood Sampling Blood Sugar Level Tester

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This relieves the insulin-dependant diabetic (Type I) who measures the blood sugar level 3-6 times a day from the wound and pain by a needle-type blood collecting device that penetrates deep into the skin and hurts the tissue of the skin and the capillary. And it does a diabetic of the worry about being contaminated with germs and AIDS from the wound. It easily and conveniently collects a little amount of blood that is appropriate for measuring the blood sugar level, and measures the blood sugar level by one integrated device for a short time.

This integrated device performs synthetically such a low pain blood sampling and fast blood sugar level, and it is produced in the chargeable device of the mobile phone shape so that it can be carried out easily and used at any place. So, it provides better convenience for the management of diabetes that is gradually acknowledged as a serious disease.